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Add Encryption to Cloud Email for Business

Moving business email to the cloud can reduce costs and frustration of maintaining your own servers. Cloud email has many great benefits like easy access, reliability, and scalability. One concern and risk that business owners have with moving email to the cloud is security and protection. Trusting sensitive communications in the cloud can seem like…

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Why Use Cloud Hosted Exchange

  Microsoft Exchange is a powerful contact management system for businesses of any size. This platform is popular among business executives because of its familiarity and productivity capabilities. Google’s solution called Google Apps has become an alternative but Microsoft Exchange is still the dominant platform. Microsoft Exchange can be self hosted by a business but…

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What is Cloud Antivirus?

Antivirus has traditionally been a pain point for all computer users. Since the internet internet has permeated many aspects of our lives, it is more important than ever to keep data secure. Viruses can cause harm by slowing down a computer and capturing private information to be used maliciously. The issue with traditional antivirus has…

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Spam Filtering as a Cloud Service

Storage and backup options in the cloud usually get the most attention. These are safe and secure ways to expand and protect valuable business resources. Some of the same cloud advantages for backup can be applied to other important business services such as email spam filtering. What is Spam Filtering? Businesses of any size are…

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Increase Productivity with Cloud Collaboration

Teleconferences have helped businesses connect for decades. The next evolution in this process was video conferencing, these virtual meetings required expensive equipment and usually transmitted images of stuffy board rooms to each recipient. With internet and wireless speeds constantly increasing, combined with cameras on most devices, virtual meetings are now an essential business tool. Video…

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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Cloud Backup

No matter what type of business you run, chances are very high that computers are involved. Whether it’s storing sales data or payroll and tax information, all small businesses have data they need safe and secure. Backing up computer data used to mean having external hard drives or complicated network equipment. With the emergence of…

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Cloud apps help small business IT

Having an in-house fully managed IT system might work for big corporations but for most small businesses outsourcing to a MSP is the way to go. An increasingly popular option for many small businesses is to include cloud storage and cloud applications into IT operations. As the concept of ‘cloud’ becomes more popular, developers are…

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The Desktop The Dinosaur

Will the desktop become a dinosaur? Some experts say “yes”. With all of the new technology today between laptops, smartphones, tablets and applications such as Cloud Computing, the desktop will no longer be useful to most. Personal computers have dropped significantly in price so have the sales because of the surge in laptop purchases because…

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Why we’re all about Cisco’s WebEx

Recently, Spaulding Hill Networks became an authorized and licensed reseller of Cisco’s Cloud Collaboration service, WebEx; and we couldn’t be happier!

Set your business free with Cloud Collaboration

Cloud collaboration can be defined as using technology such as instant messaging, email, web conferencing, blogs, private and public social networks, wiki’s and VoIP to create a more lean and profitable business.

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