Add Encryption to Cloud Email for Business

cloud encryption

Moving business email to the cloud can reduce costs and frustration of maintaining your own servers. Cloud email has many great benefits like easy access, reliability, and scalability. One concern and risk that business owners have with moving email to the cloud is security and protection.

Trusting sensitive communications in the cloud can seem like a risky decision but you can take steps to ensure that data is safe. There will always be some people with malicious intent that wish to get prying eyes on business emails, the best way to stay safe in the cloud is email encryption.

Adding encryption services to your cloud based email will provide a worry-free solution to protect data. With cloud encryption, emails security is at the click of a button. Encrypted emails are sent securely to the recipient who can then access the secure data with a password.

Reasons for email encryption:

  • Protect company from malicious attacks
  • Follow privacy laws
  • Protect customer/client sensitive data
  • Be socially responsible

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Posted on June 29, 2012 in Cloud

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