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How VoIP can transform your business

Voice over Internet Protocol systems provide a method in which data and voice can be delivered through one network via the Internet. VoIP devices are user friendly, with intuitive user interfaces allowing anyone in your organization to understand and use these systems.

How to create a successful Teleworker

Teleworking is highly impactful to the efficiency of an organizations infrastructure and it’s benefits on the environment range from less traffic on the roads to less office space needed. With proper training and equipment, management should feel confident in their teleworkers.

Why Teleworking is essential in bad weather

When the weather looks ominous, so does the productivity of your company. Inclement weather causes many employees to reconsider risking a potentially hazardous commute into work. Instead of losing productivity, why not consider having employees telelwork during sever weather?
Teleworking is a work arrangement where employees can have the choice to work from home or from their office. In harsh weather conditions teleworking is mutually beneficial to both a company and the workforce.

Lean the fat out of your business in 2011

New year, new business goals to make – so why use last year’s approach? Lean is a principle for eliminating gluttonous waste in your business, allowing for maximum profit. Using lean practices creates: Value for your customers A work environment that fosters employee excellence Developed in the 30’s by Toyota Motor Group for their manufacturing…

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