Email Filtering / Spam Protection

Get the email you want, block the spam, viruses and junk mail you don’t.

Set-up is easy, a simple change to your MX records is all it takes to get started.  You’ll receive a daily Held Spam Report to see the spam you’re (not) missing.  You can also find and restore any legitimate messages we might mistake for spam.  Once you see how effectively it works, simply pay a low monthly, per-user fee to keep it.   There’s no long-term obligation, or cancellation fee, so you can stop the service any time you’d like.

Features & Benefits:

  • Real-time protection from today’s IT threats
  • Simple implementation
  • No hardware or software installation
  • Inbound and outbound email protection
  • User level filter permissions
  • 99-percent effectiveness in blocking spam and viruses
  • Office 365 compatible
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