Professional Services

Spaulding Hill Network’s highly trained professional technicians help staff, budget, and plan your company’s needs. We provide high quality services to you and your employees, in a timely manner, to increase your efficiency and productivity. The staff here at Spaulding Hill Networks will work with you in order to create a reasonable budgeting plan that works for you.

IT Management

Let Spaulding Hill Networks help benefit your company’s IT services.  Budget effectively and only pay for the services you use, when you need them.  Reduce labor costs and focus on other areas of your business.  Trained, experienced and certified technicians to work on your data and network systems.  With Spaulding Hill Networks IT Management services, we can quickly implement new technology.  We have the resources to start new projects right away.  Handling the same project in-house may involve weeks, or months to hire the right people, train them, and provide the support they need.  Spaulding Hill Networks has over fifteen years of IT experience to save your company time and money.


Spaulding Hill Networks will advise your organization on how to use Information Technology (IT) in achieving your business objectives.

Let a Spaulding Hill Network IT Consultant help you with any objectives your IT department may be experiencing, give advice and recommendations on special projects, temporary help during a one-time project where the hiring of a permanent employee(s) is not required, or necessary, etc.

Spaulding Hill Networks IT Consultant will support your company from the very beginning of your project till the end.  We will deliver the project not only in the scope, time and cost, but also with complete customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive IT Services

Let Spaulding Hill Networks design, build, and manage all of your IT systems.  We take a holistic approach to servicing and maintaining your IT investment.  We are voice and data experts.  We can assess your current needs and make recommendations for future growth.  We work with you to determine the best options for your company.

Supplemental IT Services

Each company is unique.  You may have a small, in-house IT department.  Your company is growing at a steady pace and you don’t have the support to keep up with your growing needs.  Spaulding Hill Networks can supplement your existing IT staff, projects, etc. with:

  • Strategic planning – We can strategize with your existing IT staff to come up with plans that will help support your existing IT operations.
  • Proactive maintenance – With pro-active maintenance there’s no need for unwanted repairs and employee down-time. Spaulding Hill Networks can provide service and maintenance on your IT systems to prevent them from shutting down.
  • Project Management – Our knowledgeable team can complete IT projects, or collaborate with your onsite resources, and ensure the projects are done on time, on budget, and to best practices.
  • Help Desk Support – Spaulding Hill Networks IT Help Desk Support team will do everything from:
    • Tickets and Tasks – We keep a tight rein on IT tickets and reply within a timely manner, so we can resolve your problem and close them out.
    • Team Management – Tickets are assigned to a technician to view and if the task cannot be fulfilled the team here at Spaulding Hill Networks will make the necessary arrangements to assign more technicians, or individuals to the task, or project, to complete the job.
    • Multi-site Support – Multiple locations are added to your company profile. Any issues that come up will be addressed and back to business as usual.
    • IT Asset Management – We keep a list of all your IT equipment, hardware, software, etc.  Anything that is under contract for service and maintenance.
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