Law Enforcement IT Services

Spaulding Hill Networks works with Police and fire departments in New Hampshire and Massachusetts by securing and updating their Technology devices. We get the right devices for them at the right prices. Whether it be for their office, or police cruisers, we always find the right equipment for them. We also provide backup plans in compliance with all state and federal mandates.

Are your policies and procedures in place and CJIS compliant?  Spaulding Hill Networks is committed to assisting our law enforcement agencies, courts and municipality clients to become compliant with the CJIS 5.0 Mandate through network assessments, implementation of CJIS approved solutions, awareness training, and security audits.

As your CJIS Compliancy Solutions provider, we will remove the burden of having to decipher the CJIS mandate to achieve compliance. We will guide your organization in choosing the best products and solutions to implement, assist in all of the required policies and procedures documents, and work directly with the State’s Compliance Officers on your behalf.

The CJIS Mission

To equip our law enforcement, national security, and intelligence community partners with the criminal justice information they need to protect the United States while preserving civil liberties.

CJIS Services

Advanced Authentication

Unique and strong passwords were the first part of the CJIS mandate that was completed in September 2010. The second, and more advanced, part of the FBI directive mandate called for Advanced Authentication.  Advanced Authentication deadline was September 2014.

The CJIS mandate outlines the security requirements for agencies that access, exchange, collaborate, or transmit data containing personal information or sensitive material with the FBI.  All law enforcement departments, municipalities, courts, and other agencies accessing the CJIS database from non-secure locations are required to deploy and utilize two forms of authentication to verify their identities. This mandate is designed to safeguard all information accessed in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.

Spaulding Hill Networks will explain all of the Advanced Authentication options available and help you choose a two-factor authentication that meets the criteria defined by the mandate. We will find a fast, simple, and affordable solution for you.

Non-compliant agencies face fines and are denied access to the NCIC database if you weren’t compliant by September 2014.

All mobile systems: squad car laptops/tablets and mobile devices such as cell phones and PDAs that run NCIC transactions or any device that uses an internet connection to run or process NCIC transactions requires Advanced Authentication.

There are quite a few options for Advanced Authentication and you may choose a combination of any two:

  • Smartcards
  • Tokens
  • User-based public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Software Tokens
  • Hardware Tokens
  • Bingo cards
  • Biometric systems (fingerprint readers or facial recognition)

The only exceptions to the compliancy rules were if you are planning a system upgrade for your mobile units, the date of compliance moves to the date of your upgrade.  Also, Computers purchased before September 30, 2005 are considered “grandfathered” but anything purchased, and implemented, after September 30, 2005 will require Advanced Authentication.

Firewall & VPN

Government agencies are faced with the triple missions of reducing costs, being highly productive while mobile, and achieving compliancy for the CJIS mandate.  More and more functions are being conducted on web-based applications and all of that transactional web traffic must be secure in order to ensure compliancy.

Spaulding Hill Networks provides Firewall solutions that combine reassembly-free deep packet inspections with sophisticated application intelligence. This prevents intrusion and malware of all kinds from accessing any open IP ports. Our firewall solutions provide the safest and most productive environments for internal and mobile employees.

Securing Mobile Workforces

Mobile officers in the field need to access virtualized applications and centralized data both in cloud configurations as well as hardware based data servers so the demands of network management has increased along with the challenges to secure all of this information.

Our recommended firewall devices have the ability to secure all transmitted information and can even secure intra-VM traffic in virtual deployments and mobile network access via smart-phones.

Regulatory Compliance

Our firewall solutions are all FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria (EAL 4 Augmented) Certified. The product lines are available on GSA Schedule, NASA SEWP IV and other Federal Contract vehicles. They even address the conventional provisions of the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) mandate.

Achieving Compliancy while Containing Cost

The rigorous criteria for compliancy with the CJIS mandate can strain an already tight budget. All of our solutions allow agencies to benefit from the lowest possible cost of ownership with the best ROI.  We will design a comprehensive and integrated solution with cost efficient equipment, simple device management, and of course, compliancy!

Security Audits

Spaulding Hill Networks will perform a multi-point security audit to ensure that the correct and most up-to-date processes, policies and infrastructure are being applied. The audit also includes a series of tests that guarantee that information security meets all CJIS expectations and requirements within an agency.

Spaulding Hill Networks will conduct a thorough audit based on the requirements of the FBI’s CJIS 5.0 Mandate.  Once completed, we will communicate our findings to the agency and create an action plan to remedy the vulnerabilities, or incompliant areas.

Spaulding Hill Networks Audits:

  • Physical Security
  • Network Security
  • Protocols/Services
  • User/Personnel Security
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Data Storage Security
  • Passwords
  • System Administration

Secure Hosted Email

Spaulding Hill Networks offers a compliant encryption service for your already established email account to ensure that your emails, both in and out, are fully secure and protected.

Use your existing email account

You can continue to use your existing email address, email client, and server infrastructure.  Our solution integrates seamlessly in Outlook using the same Secure MS Outlook Toolbar.  If you are using a different email program, you will continue to have full access to all of your messages by using a secure webmail email center.

Encrypt your message with one click

You can choose which emails you want encrypted by simply clicking the “send secure” button in Outlook.  Once the email has been encrypted, the entire thread will continue to be encrypted.

Unlimited Encryption

There is no limit to the amount of encrypted emails you send per month

Secure File Attachments

File attachments are transferred via HTTPS with the use of the secure messaging platform instead of across SMTP, unreliable FTP, or unsecure connections.  There are no limits to the file transfer size and you can track, audit, and manage each file attachment directly from the attachment library, or in MS Outlook.

Choose email accounts to encrypt

You tell us which email accounts require the encryption to communicate securely.  It is not necessary to encrypt all email accounts, only those that require CJIS security and mobile security.

Mobile Devices

A user can access their secure email from their mobile device to send/receive encrypted messages.  This eliminates the need to store confidential and sensitive data on the mobile device itself.  If the mobile device is ever lost, or stolen, we can quickly disable access to email, protecting the user’s critical information.

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