IT Help Desk Support Solutions

Reach out to the Spaulding Hill Networks IT team and they will be glad to help you find a solution to any of your technical issues.

You can reach out to Spaulding Hill Networks IT team by phone, generating a support ticket by email, or through our website. Utilizing the latest remote connection technology, the IT staff is able to connect with you seamlessly to correct most issues.  With these options our IT team is able to assist you in a timely manner and provide the professional support necessary to keep your company functioning at its optimum level.

Spaulding Hill Networks IT Help Desk Support team will do everything from:

  • Tickets and Tasks – We keep a tight rein on IT tickets and reply within a timely manner, so we can resolve your problem and close them out.
  • Team Management – Tickets are assigned to a technician to view and if the task cannot be fulfilled the team here at Spaulding Hill Networks will make the necessary arrangements to assign more technicians, or individuals to the task, or project, to complete the job.
  • Multi-site Support – Multiple locations are added to your company profile.  Any issues that come up will be addressed and back to business as usual.
  • IT Asset Management – We keep a list of all your IT equipment, hardware, software, etc.  Anything that is under contract for service and maintenance.
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