Backup & Disaster Recovery

Don’t risk losing all of your company’s valuable information…
Send it to the Cloud!

Cloud Backups

Everyone to the cloud!  Shareable, portable, efficient – companies all over the world are rushing to take full advantage of cloud computing.  Join them with complete confidence.

Keep running even during a disaster.  Protect business data no matter where it lives.  Simple and fast backup to our Cloud Servers is an ideal backup solution for your small, medium sized business, or home office.  Cloud backups take the “what if’s” out of your business.

Businesses can operate as usual, and have the time and resources to fix server issues without compromising any data, or incurring any downtime.

Have peace of mind knowing that Spaulding Hill Networks, LLC will keep your data protected.


  • Keep your backups in a remote location
  • Access your backups anywhere that you have an internet connection
  • Strong data encryption protects your data from unauthorized access
  • Data compression reduces the size of your backups
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