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Why Use Cloud Hosted Exchange

  Microsoft Exchange is a powerful contact management system for businesses of any size. This platform is popular among business executives because of its familiarity and productivity capabilities. Google’s solution called Google Apps has become an alternative but Microsoft Exchange is still the dominant platform. Microsoft Exchange can be self hosted by a business but…

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What is Cloud Antivirus?

Antivirus has traditionally been a pain point for all computer users. Since the internet internet has permeated many aspects of our lives, it is more important than ever to keep data secure. Viruses can cause harm by slowing down a computer and capturing private information to be used maliciously. The issue with traditional antivirus has…

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Does your business need managed data and voice solutions?

If any of the following describe your business or organization then adding managed IT services should be a goal for 2012. Trouble Staying up-to-date with new technology and IT skills Trouble maintaining and managing hardware and software Reducing overhead costs and remaining competitive Increasing services and/or expanding new markets Move focus from support elements to…

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