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How to create a successful Teleworker

Teleworking is highly impactful to the efficiency of an organizations infrastructure and it’s benefits on the environment range from less traffic on the roads to less office space needed. With proper training and equipment, management should feel confident in their teleworkers.

Disaster Recovery – Make a Plan

In case your computer ends up being victimized by Malware or any mechanical, human or natural disaster, a Disaster Recovery Plan will have you back up and running saving you valuable time and money. What is a Disaster Recovery Plan? It is a plan that outlines the steps required to recover data in the event…

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Malware – How to prevent it

In part 1 of the Cybersecurity Series you learned exactly what Malware is and what it can do to your technology infrastructures. In part 2, you will learn how to protect your computer and your identity from these cyber threats. Malware is malicious software that can slow your technology down via harmful applications such as…

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Cybersecurity Series Part 1: Malware – What it is

October is National Cyber Security Month-Spaulding Hill Networks would like to inform you on the threat of Maleware.

Break fix or Managed Services?

Your network infrastructure is a critical part of your company’s success. When it comes to handling IT you have a choice-wait till something cripples your system and then call in a professional to try fixing the problem-or take a preventative IT solution by daily monitoring via Managed Services and stop most problems before they start.…

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Photocopiers: A new Identity Theft Threat

Last month CBS News uncovered a warehouse full of copiers hiding personal information within the hard drives. Out of the four hard drives bought by CBS News Chief Corespondent Armen Keteyian, two were from the Buffalo NY Police Department (one had detailed information from the Sex Crimes Unit and the other from the Narcotics Unit…

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Stop Spam before it Enters Your Network

Unsolicited e-mail to people on your network has become the modern day technological plague. It’s mainly a nuisance, but also a security risk that creates an entry point for viruses on your network. Not only does it consume bandwidth and server space, but it also decreases productivity due to required, daily user maintenance. The result:…

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