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Spring Clean your PC

Spring has officially sprung. This is the time that we open the windows and breathe in that fresh air. Spring cleaning usually means getting your outdoor to-do list ready and cleaning out the attic or garage, but what about your PC? Reduce Clutter A good place to start your computer cleaning is on the desktop.…

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Why Teleworking is essential in bad weather

When the weather looks ominous, so does the productivity of your company. Inclement weather causes many employees to reconsider risking a potentially hazardous commute into work. Instead of losing productivity, why not consider having employees telelwork during sever weather?
Teleworking is a work arrangement where employees can have the choice to work from home or from their office. In harsh weather conditions teleworking is mutually beneficial to both a company and the workforce.

Disaster Recovery – Make a Plan

In case your computer ends up being victimized by Malware or any mechanical, human or natural disaster, a Disaster Recovery Plan will have you back up and running saving you valuable time and money. What is a Disaster Recovery Plan? It is a plan that outlines the steps required to recover data in the event…

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Malware – How to prevent it

In part 1 of the Cybersecurity Series you learned exactly what Malware is and what it can do to your technology infrastructures. In part 2, you will learn how to protect your computer and your identity from these cyber threats. Malware is malicious software that can slow your technology down via harmful applications such as…

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Disaster Recovery Plan: When disaster strikes your ready!

Planning for Disaster Recovery should be a proactive IT step every company should take.

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