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Are you ready for a Tablet?

The tablet has gone from being an overpriced, market curiosity to one of the best-selling forms of computers today. Despite their limitations, tablets such as the Apple iPad have found near-universal consumer acceptance, with about 15 million of that particular model sold since its launch in April 2010. Tablets offer a more fully-featured web browsing…

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Blackberry vs. Droid – The Smartphone Great Debate

The I-Phone is the most popular Smartphone on the market. However, you are limited to only two network providers, AT&T and Verizon; not to mention there are still kinks to be worked out. If you’re on other networks, such as T-Mobile or Boost, Blackberry or Droid is a comparable alternative. But which one is best…

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Why Mobile Broadband is a necessity for business on the go

Today’s advancements in technology make it easy to mix business with travel. With mobile broadband you can the internet anywhere at anytime, using your mobile device as a hotspot.

Smartphones – Tips for buying

Businesses can benefit from supporting smartphones and tablets at work. With smartphone and tablet support you can answer an email or use an application from virtually anywhere – without having to be at your office.

2011 Telecom Preview

2010 was a big year for telecom, especially for companies such as Verizon, Apple, Android and Motorola releasing smartphone and tablets. What will 2011 bring? We look into some possibilities in different areas of telecommunications. Smartphones It’s anticipated that in 2011 half the cell phone users in the country will be on smartphones.  With this…

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2010 Telecom Year in Review

2010 was a big year for telecom with smartphones and tablets making wireless one of the top industries of the year.

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