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Spaulding Hill Networks LLC partners with Zultys

Press Release For Immediate Release Spaulding Hill Networks LLC partners with Zultys Helping businesses profit through Unified Communications. Nashua, NH June 11, 2013:  Today, Spaulding Hill Networks, LLC announced their plan to partner with Zultys to deliver feature-rich IP PBX telephony solutions to companies of all sizes. Under the partnership, Spaulding Hill Networks LLC will…

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Choosing a telephone system for your business

Choosing a telephone system for your business Business owners are faced with many important decisions in order to make in order to effectively and efficiently run their company. A wrong choice when picking a product or service can be detrimental and expensive and can result in a loss of clients, productivity, or profits. Choosing a…

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How to create a successful Teleworker

Teleworking is highly impactful to the efficiency of an organizations infrastructure and it’s benefits on the environment range from less traffic on the roads to less office space needed. With proper training and equipment, management should feel confident in their teleworkers.

2011 Telecom Preview

2010 was a big year for telecom, especially for companies such as Verizon, Apple, Android and Motorola releasing smartphone and tablets. What will 2011 bring? We look into some possibilities in different areas of telecommunications. Smartphones It’s anticipated that in 2011 half the cell phone users in the country will be on smartphones.  With this…

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Telecom Review: What you don’t know can cost you!

Telecom is one of the five biggest business expenses and the number one overlooked expense. Find out how a Telecom Review can save you thousands of dollars for your company.

Why SIP?

It has never been more important for businesses to stay current with technology, especially with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and other cutting-edge communication networks on the market. The tricky part is identifying technologies that not only enhance communication, but also present opportunities to maximize profits. One such option is to implement an SIP trunk…

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