5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Cloud Backup

reasons for cloud backup

No matter what type of business you run, chances are very high that computers are involved. Whether it’s storing sales data or payroll and tax information, all small businesses have data they need safe and secure.

Backing up computer data used to mean having external hard drives or complicated network equipment. With the emergence of new cloud technologies, businesses from 1 employee to thousands can now secure critical data with lower cost and less worry.

Here are 5 reasons that your business should be using cloud backup:

1. Off-Site Backup

Cloud backup is a managed off-site backup solution, this type of service used to only be available to large businesses with big IT budgets. Having data backed up in a location away from your business provides an extra layer of security from things like theft or fire.

2. Simple Expansion

It is sometimes hard to gage how quickly a business will grow. Maybe right now you only need 100GBs of data storage, in 1 year you could need 1TB. With traditional local storage, expanding means buying more storage drives and possibly other IT equipment. Unless you are very tech savvy this might also mean spending additional dollars on IT support. With cloud backup, expansion is as simple as one email or phone call to your provider. Increasing Gigabytes or Terabytes can happen in minutes.

3. More Access

Having access to work files while not at work can be a huge competitive advantage. Small business owners work much more than the normal 40 hour work week. With cloud backups, you can access important work information from other computers and sometimes mobile devices. This can mean the difference between making a sale and losing one.

4. Recover from a Crash

One of the most devastating issues that small businesses face is computer crashes. Traditional recovery methods can sometimes be cumbersome and rely on out-dated software that came with an external hard drive or network option. Cloud backup also provides you with cloud recovery. After replacing damaged parts or buying a new computer, restoring is usually as simple as logging into your online cloud account and then clicking to restore all files.

5. Save On IT Maintenance

Local back up options will require spending time ensuring that equipment is running properly and updated. Choosing a cloud backup option takes a lot of this work off your plate. Let IT professionals worry about this maintenance for you. Cloud services also provide you with secure data storage that has multiple redundancies to prevent data loss.

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Posted on April 13, 2012 in Cloud

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